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Advantages of offline programming:

Simplify the production process, save import time and cost, and increase productivity.

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Core Micro's advantages:

* ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 dual certification
* ESD grounding and equipment grounding alarm dual system 
*Complete each process in accordance with the quality management system 
*Constant temperature Constant Humidity Purification Workshop       
* Each station shares resources to quickly respond to various needs 
*Fully automatic programming and AOI detection   &nbsp ;

Types of programming ICs:

Package: WLCSP, QFP, QFN, BGA, TSOP, SOIC, SOT, etc.

Price factor:

The unit price of the IC body—the difficulty of IC support—the product requirements for using this IC (especially related to security)—the capacity of the IC—the IC programming time—the cost of the programming fixture—the customer’s order quantity.

Production control focus:

F/W management: authorized special person management, dedicated F/W server
Customer material tracking: using MES system, material information can be tracked according to work order information 
Material humidity sensitivity level control: record each Unpacking time and packaging time of package or each roll of material;
Control of programming program: ERP and MES dual system management to ensure the correctness of F/W call
Quality control: first inspection; patrol inspection ;200% appearance inspection; AOI appearance inspection; final inspection; MES system control label printing   
Defective product handling: according to customer requirements

Service Process:

IC Programming Service,IC Testing

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