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Automated Programming System IPS3000 ACROVIEW high-performance automatic burner adopts double suction nozzles to take material and discharge material, ultra-high production efficiency UPH up to 2500; it can be equipped with 4 AP8000 universal burners at most, and dual suction nozzles can take and put at the same time. It is a cost-effective fully automatic and intelligent IC programming device designed to adapt to the production of a large number of electronic products. CSP, WLCSP and small package programming, such as 1.2x1.1mm size IC, and provide a comprehensive automatic programming solution through more advanced functions, ACROVIEW AP8000 high-speed universal programmer is the latest professional intelligent general-purpose programmer Programmer/Writer/Writer. Powerful device algorithm library, the number of supported devices continues to increase, and the latest software can be downloaded from the official website.

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