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Automated Programming System PH-A2000+

PH-A2000+is a high-performance automated programmer that adopts a four suction nozzle feeding and discharging structure, with a UPH of up to 2400; Up to 8 Acroview technology universal programmers A8000 can be equipped, and each burner can complete various operations independently. A total of 8 burners can be programmer at once × A highly cost-effective fully automated intelligent IC programming device designed to accommodate the production of a large number of electronic products, with 8 sets of 64 chips each. It supports CSP, WLCSP, and small-scale packaging burning, such as 1.2x1.1mm sized ICs, and provides a comprehensive automated burning solution through more advanced functions The Acroview AP8000 high-speed universal programmer is the latest professional intelligent universal programmer/burner/writer. A powerful device algorithm library that supports the continuous increase in the number of devices, and the latest software can be downloaded on the official website.



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