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As data density, device complexity, and the number of devices in the vehicle continue to increase, reducing programming costs is critical. In this new environment, in-system, in-circuit and online programming becomes less efficient. In-house, offline programming requires unparalleled efficiency in order to reduce the cost per device. Consider, the code required for a self-driving car 100 times as many rows as an F-35 fighter jet


Electronic systems, annual percentage of total vehicle cost


fastest programming speed

Low cost socket design

Proven and robust automation platform

Universal support - all devices on one system

Faster time to market for new projects

Simple scalability - add more capacity as needed

Global service network provides local support

high-speed programming

Acroview's main programmer AP8000 and automation system use the latest integrated technology to provide the industry's fastest programming speed for MCU, eMMC, NAND, NOR and serial flash memory devices. AP8000 is a real universal programmer. It has supported more than 60,000 chips from different manufacturers. Acroview has software support teams in Shenzhen, Yangzhou and Taipei to meet the rapid needs of global customers;

what is the automation system

Acroview's automated programming system has up to 9 programming stations and up to 72 independent socket cards to support high volume production. Our vector engine coprocessor accelerates flash waveform programming of silicon designs approaching the theoretical limit. The faster the device, the faster the burn-in. Our 3D vision options inspect BGA, CSP, QFP, TSOP, SOIC and J-wire devices for coplanarity, bent wire, pitch, width, diameter, pitch and X/Y error. Dot marking options Laser marking and ink-based conformation marking systems. The software API interface can be connected to any MES system on the market, and strict inventory control, process management, data statistics, and efficiency statistics can be realized for the programming process.





True Universal Writer

Acroview provides truly universal support - a solution for all device programming needs. One universal burner site can accommodate all devices, reducing the number of systems, sites and sockets required. This saves money, training, complexity and floor space.


High quality burner

The programming socket provides the hardware interface between the device and the programmer. They deliver high-fidelity waveforms to recordable devices, ensuring very high first pass rates. Each individual slot card can be fully utilized and easily replaced to maintain full programming capability. Our programming sockets are designed with count counts and yield capabilities that ultimately increase your production time, yield higher first pass rates, and reduce replacement costs by up to 75%.

More and more programmable systems in today's cars

Accident Recorder, Active Interior Noise Suppression, Active Exhaust Noise Suppression, Active Suspension, Active Vibration Control, Active Yaw Control, Adaptive Cruise Control, Adaptive Headlights, Airbag Deployment, Anti-lock Braking, Auto-dimming rearview mirror, auto disconnect, autopilot, blind spot detection, interior climate control, cylinder deactivation, digital turn signals, driver alert monitoring, DSRC, electric steering, electronic stability control, electronic throttle, engine control , entertainment system, head-up display, hill hold control, idle stop/start, in-car WiFi, dashboard, interior lighting, lane correction, lane departure warning, navigation system, night vision, OBDII, parental control, parking assist, Parking system, power management, regenerative braking, remote door lock, seat position control, safety system, semi-autonomous driving, tire pressure monitoring, transmission control, voice/data communication, windshield wiper control

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