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Tape and Reel Packaging:

1. IC special carrier tape, special carrier tape for SMD LED, special carrier tape for SMD inductor, comprehensive SMD carrier tape, special carrier tape for SMD capacitor, special carrier tape for SMT connector, PS carrier tape 
2. Cover tape: brown, transparent, self-adhesive, heat-sealed.
3. Plastic plate: ordinary blue, blue environmental protection, black antistatic, high temperature resistance. (7 inches 13 inches 15 inches) 
4. OEM packaging.  
5. Taping machine.


Carrier Tape: 

The mold can be opened according to the customer's requirements, and the plastic disc of the product, size and style required by the customer is available. , black)
2. Width: 13 inches   8/12/16/24/32/44/56/72/88mm       7 inches   8/12 /16mm 
3. The production material of the carrier tape: PS, ABS, PET, PC, HIPS, PE and other plastic materials, special requirements can be made of metal.

Taping machine features


● Wide range of applicable products and easy specification change.
● The drive system of cam and splitter is stable and reliable.
● The fault detection design is perfect, and the alarm is clear at a glance.
● The frequency converter has a stepless speed change, and the speed can be automatically increased or decreased by tracking the feeding condition.
● PLC electronic control system, accurate and stable, low failure rate.
● The height of the braid is adjustable, flexible and convenient.
● Receiving options are available, vertical and horizontal.
● Accurate empty material detection and part counting
● Complete options are available for complete solutions.


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