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On-board programmer

The AP8000 universal programmer with on-board programming capability. The customer can leverage the AP8000 programmer to fulfill the on-board programming requirements.
AP8000 supports various programming protocols; it is characterized by wide chip support, small size, fast speed and high reliability.
Automatic on-board programmer can build in multiple AP8000 universal programmer at the same time with highly programming efficiency.



Acroview AP8000 is a multi-purpose universal programmer and supports online programming. The device can be programmed by gang 8 at the same time with highly programming efficiency and improves the programming performance. It is widely used in the automotive electronics industry and the home appliance industry. , Air-conditioning industry, medical electronics industry, Acroview also launched a variety of automatic programming system which embedded with AP8000 universal programmer and cooperated with many device manufacturers to make a variety of online programming solutions;


1. Outstanding performance---The programmer system can connected 1~N programmers to gain the highest programming efficiency. 

2. Intelligent operation---automatically complete the specified tasks in sequence: loading/positioning/programming/sorting/printing (working with an external printer)/unloading, using powerful software control

3. Multi-site programming --- Up to N workstations can simultaneously and asynchronously programming; Minimized the idle time when programmed with high-density memory devices. .

4. Fast and reliable, customized for high-speed production industrial environment

5. Time-saving and efficient, saving 30%~50% of programming cost

6. Support more than 20,000 kinds of chips and develop the chip algorithm continuously. 

7. Highly compatibility programming in parallel. Supports panelized PCB programming, a single programmer can program 8 panelized boards at same time, and can be extended to multiple programming with no limitation.

8. Friendly and intelligent user interface. 

9. Support dynamic serial number programming. 

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